This Gallery presents an array of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and early British period arms and armoury.  Hindu period weapons include arrows, Khandas (straight bladed daggers) of Rajputs, sacrificial dahs (sword), elephant goads and other torture instruments.

Muslim period weapons include spears, curved swords with steel blades soaked in black crystal water with plain and engraved hilts, inlaid and enameled shields, mail coats and helmets, breast plates, arm and leg-guards etc.

Sikh period weapons include knives, daggers, spears and lances. At one end of the Gallery is a gun barrel, mounted on wooden pedestal, belonging to a Sikh, Sardar Fateh  Singh and dated Samvat 1855 Bikrami / 1798 A.D. It was found in a village near Pattoki, Punjab.

During the British period a shift in the weaponry of the region took place as witnessed by match-lock and flint-lock pistols, guns and conventional cannons of that time.