Opposite the western exit of the Islamic Gallery and across the Miniature Paintings gallery, is the General Gallery which, mainly, houses private collections donated to the Museum.

Donations Include:-

  1. Manuscripts, metal and glass ware, potsherds and other archaeological finds, coins, medals and miscellaneous objects presented by  Maulana Hiiz ur Rehman  in 1966.
  2. Miniatures and decrees of the Sikh period; Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s apparel and other personal belongings;  various gifts presented to  Faqir Aziz-ud-Din and Faqir Noor-ur-Din (who occupied high positions in the Sikh Court); and  manuscripts; arms; porcelain and other objects presented by Faqir Syed Mughis ud Din  from his father  Faqir Syed Jala ud Dins’s collection in  1970.
  3. African objects presented by Mr. Kamil Khan Mumtaz,  a renowned architect of  Pakistan, in  1971.
  4. Miscellaneous objects presented by Lt. Col. Kh. Rashid in 1972.
  5. Miscellaneous objects presented by late Muzaffar Ali Khan in  1976.
  6. Islamic artefacts presented by Mr. Abdul Rauf,  an ex-Ambassador of Pakistan.
  7. Replica of Tang Horse presented by vice president, People’s  Republic of China in 1984.

Apart from the above, the gallery displays various objects like furniture,  Russian porcelain, wooden effigies from Kafiristan and semi-precious stones.
At  the far end of the Gallery, stands a carved wooden double-door from Lahore dating from the time of the Mughals (16 century).
Flanked on either side of this door and above showcases are fixed two carved wooden seh-daras (three-doorway unit) from Jhang. Fixed in some of the arched windows above the showcases along the northern wall are carved wooden doors from Haveli Hari Singh Nalwa, Gujranwala and the Temple of Bava Lal Nath, Jhang. A door from a private house in Chakwal is unique for the high standard of style and technique of wood work.