This Gallery is approached through a magnificent carved wood doorway from Jhang leading from  the B.A. Kureshi Gallery of Contemporary Paintings

The display starts from the right side of the Gallery. There are three main sections each comprising Quranic, Persian and miscellaneous manuscripts such as of Hadeeth, history, geography, encyclopedia, guides, biography and literature (mostly poetry). Quranic manuscripts are in Kufic, Magharabi, Naskh and Bahar styles of Arabic scripts. Most of the other manuscripts have been scribed either in Naskh and Nasta’aleeq or some variants of the two. Most manuscripts are illuminated and decorated. Some are also illustrated.

The gallery also represents a unique collection of  calligraphiesm, many of these by renowned calligraphers, such as Abdullah-al-Hussaini, Abdullah Hussaini, Abdul Rashid Dailmi, Muhammad Afzal Lahori, Muhammad Baqir, Muhammad Murad, Imam Verdi, Abdul Majeed Perveen Raqam, Taj-ul-din Zareen Raqam, Hafiz Yousaf Sadidi, Nafees-ul-Husaini, Khurshid Alam Khurshid Raqam, and Gohar Kalam etc. The calligraphies are mostly in Kufic, Maghrabi, Naskh, Bahar, Tughra, Nastaaleeq, Maakus, Taaleeq, Nakhun, Ghubar, Shikesta and Suls styles and their several sub-styles.