Certificate Distribution Ceremony in the honor of Lahore Museum

In the (150 years) History of Lahore High Court , they have first time honored a government department for its outstanding performance for establishing the Lahore High Court Museum and arranged a special certificate distribution ceremony in honor of Lahore Museum and its dedicated staff who worked under the guidance of Additional Director, Ms. Naushaba Anjum (Head of the Project). Her team comprised of following members,
1. Ms. Iffat Azeem, (Research Officer)
2. Aliza Saba Rizvi, (Research Officer)
3. Mr. Khalid Mehmood, (MB & R)
4. Uzma Bhatti, (R & EO, Project)
5. Affifa Shahzadi, (R.O, Project)
6. Amjad Saeed, (D.E.O, Project) 
7. Ali Haider, (Photographer)
8. Hafiz Bahar-e-Mustafa (Calligrapher)